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Just 2km from the campsite, on foot or by bike, you will find this pretty little hamlet which is part of the village of Rochecolombe. Sauveplantade has the distinction of having the smallest church in Christendom on its site. It was founded between the 10th and 12th centuries by the monks of the abbey of Cruas and was classified as a historical monument in 1907.

This very small church, 13.5m long and 10.5m wide, hardly stands out from the neighbouring houses. Only its small 17th century bell tower stands out. To get to the church door you have to cross the cemetery. Inside, as in all churches, you can see a nave with two aisles and three apses. This small Romanesque building is an architectural marvel and you will be delighted to visit it. 




Created in 1989, the Bardou campsite is managed by Anne and Denis Boule, and offers services and open air accommodation.

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