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Saint Germain

Situated 2 km from the river Ardèche and 20 km from the Chauvet cave near Vallon Pont d'Arc, Saint Germain is a village that can be recognised from afar by its typical bell tower. 

Surrounded by vineyards and bordering the river Auzon, you can access its fishing course and perhaps enjoy its fresh water at the place known as La levée.

St Germain was founded in the 12th century. Its church, whose bell tower was destroyed during the Roure revolt in 1670, was rebuilt in 1850. In 1884, during the terrible cholera epidemic, the inhabitants of St Germain made a vow to erect a statue of the Virgin Mary on the top of the bell tower if the village was spared from the disease. The vow having been fulfilled, it is since 1893 that the statue of the Virgin dominates the village.

The large houses made of Coiron volcanic stone and limestone were built in the 19th century at the time of the sericulture around this medieval centre.

Saint Germain is also situated on the ancient Roman road that linked Alba to Alès and two remains of this period can be seen: the millenary milestone and the Roman bridge.




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